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PhD Theses

  • Rico Berner: Patterns of synchrony in complex networks of adaptively coupled oscillators, TU Berlin (2020)

  • Jakub Sawicki: Delay controlled partial synchronization in complex networks, TU Berlin (2019)
  • Lina Jaurigue: Dynamics and Stochastic Properties of Passively Mode-Locked Semiconductor Lasers Subject to Optical Feedback, TU Berlin (2016)
  • Benjamin Lingnau: Nonlinear and nonequilibrium dynamics of quantum-dot optoelectronic devices, TU Berlin (2015)
  • Judith Lehnert: Controlling synchronization patterns in complex networks, TU Berlin (2015)
  • Thomas Isele: Excitation waves on complex networks, TU Berlin (2014)
  • Niklas Hübel: Local Dynamics of Ion-Based Neuron Models for Cortical Spreading Depression, Stroke and Seizures, TU Berlin (2014)
  • David Rosin: Dynamics of Complex Autonomous Boolean Networks, TU Berlin (2014)
  • Christian Otto: Dynamics of quantum dot lasers subject to optical feedback and external optical injection, TU Berlin (2013)
  • Niels Majer: Nonlinear Gain Dynamics of Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers, TU Berlin (2012)
  • Thomas Dahms: Synchronization in Delay-Coupled Laser Networks, TU Berlin (2011)
  • Valentin Flunkert: Delayed complex systems and applications to lasers, TU Berlin (2010)
  • Philipp Hövel: Control of complex nonlinear systems with delay, TU Berlin (2009)
  • Johanne Hizanidis: Control of noise-induced spatio-temporal dynamics in superlattices, TU Berlin (2008)
  • Alexander Philippou: Mesoscopic and continuous photoresist development simulations, TU Berlin (2007)
  • Michael Block: Analysis and control of complex growth phenomena in physics and biology, TU Berlin (2007)
  • Roland Kunert:  Monte Carlo Simulation of stacked Quantum Dot Arrays, TU Berlin (2006)
  • Grischa Stegemann: Noise-induced Dynamics in the Double Barrier Resonant Tunneling Diode, TU Berlin (2006)
  • Volker Hadamschek: Brain stimulation techniques via nonlinear delayed neurofeedback based on MEG inverse methods, TU Berlin (2006)
  • Frank Elsholz: Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Thin Film Growth, TU Berlin (2006).
  • Gerold Kießlich: Nonlinear transport properties of quantum dot systems, TU Berlin (2005)
  • Reinhard Wetzler: Spatial Coulomb effects in semiconductor quantum dot devices, TU Berlin (2003)
  • Andreas Amann: Nonlinear and chaotic front dynamics in semiconductor superlattices, TU Berlin (2003)
  • Matthias Meixner: Simulation of self-organized growth kinetics of quantum dots, TU Berlin (2002)
  • Georg Schwarz: Current Filamentation in Doped GaAs Corbino Disks, TU Berlin (2001)
  • Sumit Bose: Pattern formation at semiconductor interfaces and surfaces, TU Berlin (2000)
  • Frank Prengel: Hot Electrons in Quantum Wires: Intersubband Impact Ionization and Relaxation, TU Berlin (1998)
  • Detlef Merbach: Electric field dependent absorption of ZnSe-based quantum wells and  application to optically bistable devices, TU Berlin (1998)
  • Ralph E. Kunz: Dynamics of first-order phase transitions in mesoscopic and macroscopic equilibirum and nonequilibrium systems, TU Berlin (1995)
  • Andreas Wacker: Nonlinear dynamics of vertical charge transport in a semiconductor heterostructure,  TU Berlin (1993)
  • Rüdiker Schmolke: Dynamical optical switching in CdS crystals, TU Berlin (1993)
  • Guido Hüpper: Magnetic field induced spatio-temporal pattern formation of current transport in semiconductors, TU Berlin (1993)
  • Wolfgang Quade: Concepts of impact ionization in semiconductor transport theory, TU Berlin (1992)
  • Ortwin Hess: Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Semiconductor Lasers, TU Berlin (1992)

PhD theses jointly supervised with Fritz Haber Institute Berlin:

  • Vivekanand V. Gobre: Efficient modelling of linear electronic polarization in materials using atomic response functions, TU Berlin (2016)
  • Victor Gonzalo Ruiz Lopez: Adsorption of Atoms and Molecules on Surfaces: Density-Functional Theory with Screened van der Waals Interactions, TU Berlin (2016)
  • Wael Chibani: Self-Consistent Green's Function Embedding for Advanced Electronic Structure Calculations based on a Dynamical Mean-Field Concept, TU Berlin (2016)
  • Sebastian Matera: A first-principles based multiscale approach from the electronic
    to the continuum regime: CO Oxidation at RuO_2(110)
    , TU Berlin (2010)
  • Bo Li: Density-Functional Theory and Quantum Chemistry Studies on Dry and Wet NaCl(001), TU Berlin (2008)
  • Alexander Kleinsorge: Tight-Binding-Simulationen von InAs/GaAs-Quantenpunkten, TU Berlin (2008)
  • Thomas Hammerschmidt: Growth Simulations of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots, TU Berlin (2006)
  • Lorenzo Mandreoli: Density based Kinetic Monte Carlo Methods, TU Berlin (2004)
  • Andreia Luisa Da Rosa: Density-Functional Theory Calculations on Anti-Surfactants at Gallium Nitride Surfaces, TU Berlin (2003)
  • Michael Stich: Target patterns and pacemakers in reaction-diffusion systems, TU Berlin (2003)
  • Jörg Behler: Dissociation of Oxygen Molecules on the Al(111) Surface, TU Berlin (2004)
  • Mira Todorova: Oxidation von Palladium-Oberflächen, TU Berlin (2004)
  • Florian Plenge: Theory of electrochemical pattern formation under global coupling, TU Berlin (2003)
  • Evgeni Penev: Theorie der Oberflächendiffusion bei der Heteroepitaxie von InAs auf GaAs(001), TU Berlin (2002)
  • Matthias Bertram: Controlling Turbulence and Pattern Formation in Chemical Reactions, TU Berlin (2002)
  • Günther Schwarz: Untersuchungen zu Defekten auf und nahe der (110)-Oberfläche von GaAs und weiteren III-V-Halbleitern, TU Berlin (2002)
  • Sönke Lorenz: Reactions on Surfaces with Neural Networks, TU Berlin (2001)
  • Ari P. Seitsonen: Theoretische Untersuchungen zur Adsorption und Ko-adsorption auf Übergangsmetalloberflächen als Modellsystem zur heterogenen Katalyse, TU Berlin (2000)
  • Michael Hildebrand: Selbstorganisierte Nanostrukturen in katalytischen Oberflächenreaktionen, TU Berlin (1999)
  • Tosja Zywietz: Dichte-Funktional-Theorie der thermodynamischen und kinetischen
    Eigenschaften polarer GaN-Oberflächen
    , TU Berlin (1999)
  • Max Petersen: Dichtefunktionaltheoretische Untersuchung zur Wechselwirkung von H, He und Ne mit Metalloberflächen, TU Berlin (1999)

Second Referee of PhD theses at TU Berlin:

  • Jason Bassett: Computational and Analytical Approaches Towards Epidemic Spread Containment of Temporal Animal Trade Networks, TU Berlin (2018)
  • Jan Frederik Totz: Synchronization and Waves in Confinend Complex Active Media, TU Berlin (2017)
  • Michael Lenski: Statistische Modelle zur Fragmentation komplexer Moleküle, TU Berlin (2010)
  • Kwang Jun Ahn: Fully Quantum Mechanical Description of Ultrashort Time Dynamics of Semiconductor Quantum Dots, TU Berlin (2006)
  • Valentina Beato: Noise-induced pattern formation in excitable media, TU Berlin (2006)
  • Ines Waldmüller: Intersubband Dynamics in Semiconductor Quantum Wells -Linear and Nonlinear Response of Quantum Confined Electrons, TU Berlin (2004)
  • Jens Förstner: Light propagation and many-particle effects in semiconductor nanostructures, TU Berlin (2004)
  • Christian Kapteyn: Carrier Emission and Electronic Properties of Self-Organized Semiconductor Quantum Dots, TU Berlin (2001)
  • Götz Rienäcker: Orientational Dynamics of Nematic Liquid Crystals in a Shear Flow- A Study of a Nonlinear Equation for the Second-Rank Alignment Tensor, TU Berlin (2000)
  • Ilse Schebesch: Wellenausbreitung unter Variation der Anregungsschwelle des Mediums, TU Berlin (1999)
  • Ulrich Penner: Monte-Carlo-Simulation des Löchertransports in verspannten SiGe-Quantentöpfen, TU Berlin (1998)
  • Frank Heinrichsdorff: In(Ga)As/GaAs Quantenpunkte: Metallorganische Gasphasenepitaxie und Anwendung in Halbleiterlasern, TU Berlin (1998)
  • Patrick Mergell: Nichtlineare Dynamik der Phonation, TU Berlin (1998)
  • Thomas Gruhn: Substrate-induced order in confined molecularly thin liquid-crystalline films, TU Berlin (1998)
  • Loris Bennett: Theoretical Investigation of the Non-Equilibrium Properties of Liquid Crystals, TU Berlin (1998)
  • Henrik Seidel: Nonlinear Dynamics of Physiological Rhythms, TU Berlin (1997)
  • Nils Kirstaedter: Statische und dynamische Eigenschaften von Quantenpunktlasern, TU Berlin (1996)
  • Harald Voigt: Struktur und Dynamik von Kettenverschlaufungen in Polymerschmelzen, TU Berlin (1996)
  • Marcus Kaufmann: Quantum Thermodynamics, TU Berlin (1996)
  • Sabine Dietrich: Strukturierung Eisen-Mangan-haltiger Schlämme durch komplexe dynamische Prozesse, TU Berlin (1996)
  • Rainer Klages: Deterministic Diffusion in One-dimensional Chaotic Dynamic Systems, TU Berlin (1995)
  • Jin Yu: Passively mode-locked and self-pulsating semiconductor lasers, TU Berlin (1995)
  • Wolf-Dieter Schöne: Wiedereinführung der ionischen Struktur in das sphärische Jellium-Modell, TU Berlin (1995)
  • Martin Falcke: Strukturbildung in Reaktions-Diffusions-Systemen und globale Kopplung, TU Berlin (1995)
  • Martin Kröger: Rheologie und Struktur von Polymerschmelzen, TU Berlin (1994)

Second Referee of PhD theses at other Universities in Germany and abroad:

  • Chunming Zheng, Bursting and synchronization in noisy oscillatory systems, Universität Potsdam (2020)
  • K. Sathiyadevi, Influence of Attractive and Repulsive Couplings in Nonlinear Oscillators, SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur, India (2019)
  • Bicky A. Marquez: Reservoir Computing Photonique et Methodes Non-Lineaires de Representation de Signaux Complexes: Application a la Prediction de Series Temporelles, Université de Franche-Comté, Besancon, France (2018)
  • Bootan M. Rahman: Dynamics of Neuro Systems with Time Delays, University of Sussex, UK (2016)
  • Anup Purewal: Global effects of Pyragas time-delayed feedback control, University of Auckland, New Zealand (2015)
  • Rajaev Singh: Order-Disorder Transitions and Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formation in Complex Systems, Chennai, India (2013)
  • Vasile Tronciu: Theory of nonlinear dynamical processes in semiconductor lasers and resonators, Habilitation, Technical University of Moldova (2013)
  • V. Resmi: Environmental effects on the dynamics of coupled nonlinear systems, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune, India (2012)
  • Aleksandar Gjurchinovski: Stabilization of fixed points by variable delay feedback of Pyragas type, University of Skopje, Macedonia (2011)
  • Michael Wünscher: Crucible-free Crystal Growth of Germanium - Experiments and Simulations, IKZ Berlin (2011)
  • Justus T. C. Schwabedal: Phase Dynamics of Irregular Oscillations, Universität Potsdam (2010)
  • Natalia Tukhlina: Feedback Control of Complex Oscillatory Systems, Universität Potsdam (2008)
  • Tobias Prager: Synchronization in Periodically Driven and Coupled Stochastic Systems -A Discrete State Approach, HU Berlin (2006)
  • Udo Erdmann: Kollektive Bewegung - Komplexe Strukturen in 2D-Systemen aktiver Brown'scher Teilchen fernab vom Gleichgewicht, HU Berlin (2003)
  • Andre Nauen: Rauschmessungen an mikroskopischen Tunnelsystemen, Universität Hannover (2003)
  • Harald Hempel: Lokalisierte Strukturen in anregbaren und bistabilen Medien, HU Berlin (2000)
  • Martin Braune: Dynamik von Spiralwellen in aktiven Medien, HU Berlin (1996)
  • Antonio DaCunho: Hot electron light emission and current instabilities in GaAs/AlGaAs Multiple Quantum Wells, University of Essex, UK (1995)

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