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RG Nonlinear dynamics and controlSpatio-temporal pattern formation: Control and stochastic influences

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Spatio-temporal pattern formation: Control and stochastic influences

In spatially extended nonlinear dynamical dissipative systems and complex networks far from thermodynamic equilibrium, spontaneous self-organized pattern formation often occurs. This can be observed in the form of temporally and spatially varying patterns and chaotic bifurcation scenarios. The main focus of our research is on optimization, control and selection of spatio-temporal patterns through time-delayed feedback methods (autosynchronization). On the one hand we focus on the developement of new and more efficient methods of deterministic chaos control. On the other hand we focus on stochastic effects and control of noise-induced oscillations. Thereby we model bistable, oscillatory and excitable active media through simple generic models , e. g. nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations. In addition, we consider applications to lasers and neuron dynamics.

Radio-interview in Deutschlandfunk - Forschung Aktuell on neuron dynamics (in German):
Spezialbrille gegen Migräne? mp3-File

Article in Tages-Anzeiger (Zürich, in German):
Eine spezielle Brille soll gegen Migräne helfen



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