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RG Nonlinear dynamics and controlCurrent filamentation in thyristors

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Current filamentation in thyristors

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M. Meixner, P. Rodin, E. Schöll:
Fronts in a bistable medium with two global constraints: Oscillatory instability and large-amplitude limit-cycle motion
Phys. Rev. E 58, 5586 (1998)
M. Meixner, P. Rodin, E. Schöll:
Accelerated, decelerated and oscillating fronts in a globally coupled bistable semiconductor system
Phys. Rev. E 58, 2796 (1998)
M. Meixner, P. Rodin, E. Schöll:
Global Control of Front Propagation in Gate-Driven Multilayered Structures
phys. status solidi (b) 204, 493 (1997)


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