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M. Winkler, G. Dumont, E. Schöll, B. Gutkin:
Phase Response Approaches to Neural Activity Models with Distributed Delay
Biol. Cybern. (2021) , submitted
J. Sawicki, R. Berner, T. Löser, E. Schöll:
Modelling tumor disease and sepsis by networks of adaptively coupled phase oscillators
Front. Netw. Physiol. (2021) , (to be submitted)
E. Schöll:
Partial synchronization patterns in brain networks
Europhys. Lett. (2021) , invited Perspective article
J. Sawicki, E. Schöll:
Influence of sound on empirical brain networks
Front. Appl. Math. Stat. 7, 662221 (2021)
R. Berner, S. Yanchuk, E. Schöll:
What adaptive neuronal networks teach us about power grids
Phys. Rev. E 103, 042315 (2021)
E. Schöll:
Chimeras in Physics and Biology: Synchronization and Desynchronization of Rhythms
Nova Acta Leopoldina 425, 67 (2020) , invited contribution
M. Gerster, R. Berner, J. Sawicki, A. Zakharova, A. Skoch, J. Hlinka, K. Lehnertz, E. Schöll:
FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillators on complex networks mimic epileptic-seizure-related synchronization phenomena
Chaos 30, 123130 (2020)
T. Maertens, E. Schöll, J. Ruiz, P. Hövel:
Multilayer network analysis of C. elegans: Looking into the locomotory circuitry
Neurocomputing 427, 238 (2021)
R. Berner, S. Yanchuk, E. Schöll:
What adaptive neuronal networks teach us about power grids
Phys. Rev. E 103, 042315 (2021)
G. Koulierakis, D. A. Verganelakis, I. Omelchenko, A. Zakharova, E. Schöll, A. Provata:
Structural anomalies in brain networks induce dynamical pacemaker effects
Chaos 30, 113137 (2020)
E. Schöll:
Chimeras in Physics and Biology: Synchronization and Desynchronization of Rhythms
Nova Acta Leopoldina 425, 67 (2020) , invited contribution
L. Ramlow, J. Sawicki, A. Zakharova, J. Hlinka, J. C. Claussen, E. Schöll:
Partial synchronization in empirical brain networks as a model for unihemispheric sleep
EPL 126, 50007 (2019)
D. Nikitin, I. Omelchenko, A. Zakharova, M. Avetyan, A. L. Fradkov, E. Schöll:
Complex partial synchronization patterns in networks of delay-coupled neurons
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 377, 20180128 (2019)
J. Sawicki, I. Omelchenko, A. Zakharova, E. Schöll:
Delay-induced chimeras in neural networks with fractal topology
Eur. Phys. J. B 92, 54 (2019)
J. Sawicki, I. Omelchenko, A. Zakharova, E. Schöll:
Delay controls chimera relay synchronization in multiplex networks
Phys. Rev. E 98, 062224 (2018)
T. Chouzouris, I. Omelchenko, A. Zakharova, J. Hlinka, P. Jiruska, E. Schöll:
Chimera states in brain networks: empirical neural vs. modular fractal connectivity
Chaos 28, 045112 (2018)
N. D. Tsigkri-DeSmedt, J. Hizanidis, E. Schöll, P. Hövel, A. Provata:
Chimeras in leaky integrate-and-fire neural networks: effects of reflecting connectivities
Eur. Phys. J. B 90, 139 (2017)
T. M. Isele, B. Hartung, P. Hövel, E. Schöll:
Excitation Waves on a Minimal Small-World Model
Eur. Phys. J. B 88, 104 (2015)
T. M. Isele, E. Schöll:
Effect of small-world topology on wave propagation on networks of excitable elements
New J. Phys. 17, 023058 (2015)
J. Siebert, E. Schöll:
Front and Turing patterns induced by Mexican-hat-like nonlocal feedback
Europhys. Lett. 109, 40014 (2015)
N. E. Kouvaris, T. M. Isele, A. S. Mikhailov, E. Schöll:
Propagation failure of excitation waves on trees and random networks
Europhys. Lett. 106, 68001 (2014)
C. A. Bachmair, E. Schöll:
Nonlocal control of pulse propagation in excitable media
Eur. Phys. J. B 87, 276 (2014)
J. Siebert, S. Alonso, M. Bär, E. Schöll:
Dynamics of reaction-diffusion patterns controlled by asymmetric nonlocal coupling as limiting case of differential advection
Phys. Rev. E 89, 052909 (2014)
N. Hübel, E. Schöll, M. A. Dahlem:
Bistable dynamics underlying excitability of ion homeostasis in neuron models
PLoS Comp. Biol. 10, e1003551 (2014)
J. Ladenbauer, J. Lehnert, H. Rankoohi, T. Dahms, E. Schöll, K. Obermayer:
Adaptation controls synchrony and cluster states of coupled threshold-model neurons
Phys. Rev. E 88, 042713 (2013)
J. P. Dreier, T. M. Isele, C. Reiffurth, S. A. Kirov, M. A. Dahlem, O. Herreras:
Is Spreading Depolarization Characterized by an Abrupt, Massive Release of Gibbs Free Energy from the Human Brain Cortex?
Neuroscientist 19, 25 (2013)
M. A. Dahlem, T. M. Isele:
Transient localized wave patterns and their application to migraine
J. Math. Neurosci. 3, 7 (2013)
F. Kneer, E. Schöll, M. A. Dahlem:
Nucleation of reaction-diffusion waves on curved surfaces
New J. Phys. 16, 053010 (2014)
D. P. Rosin, D. Rontani, D. J. Gauthier, E. Schöll:
Control of synchronization patterns in neural-like Boolean networks
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 104102 (2013)
E. Schöll:
Synchronization in delay-coupled complex networks
in Advances in Analysis and Control of Time-Delayed Dynamical Systems, (World Scientific, Singapore, 2013)
J. Lehnert, T. Dahms, E. Schöll:
Zero-lag and group synchronization in neural networks
in Proc. 2012 Internat. Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications (NOLTA2012), Palma de Mallorca, (IEICE, Japan, 2012)
M. Bär, E. Schöll, A. Torcini:
Synchronization and Complex Dynamics of Oscillators with Delayed Pulse Coupling
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 51, 9489 (2012)
A. Keane, T. Dahms, J. Lehnert, S. A. Suryanarayana, P. Hövel, E. Schöll:
Synchronisation in networks of delay-coupled type-I excitable systems
Eur. Phys. J. B 85, 407 (2012)
A. Panchuk, D. P. Rosin, P. Hövel, E. Schöll:
Synchronization of coupled neural oscillators with heterogeneous delays
Int. J. Bifurc. Chaos 23, 1330039 (2013)
J. Lehnert, T. Dahms, P. Hövel, E. Schöll:
Loss of synchronization in complex neural networks with delay
Europhys. Lett. 96, 60013 (2011)
N. E. Kouvaris, L. Schimansky-Geier, E. Schöll:
Control of coherence in excitable systems by the interplay of noise and time-delay
Eur. Phys. J. ST 191, 29 (2010)
E. Schöll:
Neural control: Chaos control sets the pace
Nat. Phys. 6, 161 (2010)
A. Panchuk, M. A. Dahlem, E. Schöll:
Regular spiking in asymmetrically delay-coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo systems
Proc. NDES 09 177 (2009) , arXiv:0911.2071v1
DOI P. Hövel, M. A. Dahlem, T. Dahms, G. Hiller, E. Schöll:
Time-delayed feedback control of delay-coupled neurosystems and lasers
in Preprints of the Second IFAC meeting related to analysis and control of chaotic systems (CHAOS09), (World Scientific, 2009)
S. A. Brandstetter, M. A. Dahlem, E. Schöll:
Interplay of time-delayed feedback control and temporally correlated noise in excitable systems
Philos. Trans. Royal Soc. A 368, 391 (2010)
P. Hövel, S. A. Shah, M. A. Dahlem, E. Schöll:
Feedback-dependent control of stochastic synchronization in coupled neural systems
DOI E. Schöll, P. Hövel, V. Flunkert, M. A. Dahlem:
Time-delayed feedback control: from simple models to lasers and neural systems
in Complex time-delay systems: theory and applications, edited by F. M. Atay (Springer, Berlin, 2010)
M. A. Dahlem, R. Graf, A. J. Strong, J. P. Dreier, Y. A. Dahlem, M. Sieber, W. Hanke, K. Podoll, E. Schöll:
Two-dimensional wave patterns of spreading depolarization: retracting, re-entrant, and stationary waves
Physica D 239, 889 (2010)
F. M. Schneider, E. Schöll, M. A. Dahlem:
Controlling the onset of traveling pulses in excitable media by nonlocal spatial coupling and time delayed feedback
Chaos 19, 015110 (2009)
G. Florence, M. A. Dahlem, A.-C. Almeida, J. W. M. Bassani, J. Kurths:
The role of extracellular potassium dynamics in the different stages of ictal bursting and spreading depression: A computational study
J. Theor. Biol. 258, 219 (2009)
E. Schöll, G. Hiller, P. Hövel, M. A. Dahlem:
Time-delayed feedback in neurosystems
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 367, 1079 (2009)
M. A. Dahlem, F. M. Schneider, E. Schöll:
Failure of feedback as a putative common mechanism of spreading depolarizations in migraine and stroke
Chaos 18, 026110 (2008)
M. A. Dahlem, G. Hiller, A. Panchuk, E. Schöll:
Dynamics of delay-coupled excitable neural systems
Int. J. Bifur. Chaos 19, 745 (2009)
P. Hövel, M. A. Dahlem, E. Schöll:
Control of synchronization in coupled neural systems by time-delayed feedback
Int. J. Bifur. Chaos 20, 813 (2010)
DOI P. Hövel, M. A. Dahlem, E. Schöll:
Synchronization of noise-induced oscillations by time-delayed feedback
in Proc. 19th Internat. Conf. on Noise and Fluctuations (ICNF-2007), (American Institute of Physics, College Park, Maryland 20740-3843, 2007) , ISBN 0-7354-0432-8
M. A. Dahlem, F. M. Schneider, E. Schöll:
Efficient control of transient wave forms to prevent spreading depolarizations
J. Theo. Biol. 251, 202 (2008)
T. Prager, H. P. Lerch, L. Schimansky-Geier, E. Schöll:
Increase of Coherence in Excitable Systems by Delayed Feedback
J. Phys. A 40, 11045 (2007)
B. Hauschildt, N. B. Janson, A. G. Balanov, E. Schöll:
Noise-induced cooperative dynamics and its control in coupled neuron models
Phys. Rev. E 74, 051906 (2006)
A. G. Balanov, N. B. Janson, E. Schöll:
Control of noise-induced oscillations by delayed feedback
Physica D 199, 1 (2004)
N. B. Janson, A. G. Balanov, E. Schöll:
Delayed Feedback as a Means of Control of Noise-Induced Motion
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 010601 (2004)


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