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Seminar: Synchronization Patterns in Complex Networks: Chimera States and Beyond - Summer term 2016

Seminar:  Synchronization Patterns in Complex Networks: Chimera States and Beyond
Summer Term 2016
LV-Nr. 3233 L 606

Prof. Dr. Eckehard Schöll, PhD
Prof. Dr. Yuri Maistrenko
Prof. Dr. Kathy Lüdge
Dr. Anna Zakharova, Dr. Philipp Hövel

Time: Tuesday, 16:00
Room: EW 731
Begin: 19 April 2016

Visiting the seminar corresponds to 3 ECTS points. In combination with the talk and a written elaboration the seminar yields a total of 5 ECTS points.

The seminar offers perspectives on our current research in the area of Nonlinear Dynamics and Control. The seminar is particularly suitable for BSc and MSc students looking for a final project. Students, who want to obtain a "Seminarschein", are welcome as well.
Collective behavior of coupled nonlinear dynamical systems can take diverse forms, ranging from various synchronization patterns and oscillation suppression to chimera states, which have recently received interest of many researchers. Chimera states in complex dynamical networks represent a phenomenon which can be found in different fields such as physics, chemistry and biology. Chimeras are made up of spatially separated domains of synchronized (spatially coherent) and desynchronized (spatially incoherent) behavior. They arise surprisingly in networks of completely identical units and symmetric coupling topologies. These intriguing patterns are named after a fabulous fire-breathing creature from Greek mythology which has a lion's, a goat's, and a snake's head. As the counter intuitive dynamical state this monster is also composed of incongruous parts. The seminar will focus on various synchronization patterns, chimera states and their applications in diverse fields such as physics, e.g., coupled lasers, biology, e.g., neural networks in the brain, and engineering, e.g., power grids.

Synchronization Patterns in Complex Networks: Chimera States and Beyond



E. Schöll, Y. Maistrenko, K. Lüdge, A. Zakharova, P. Hövel

Nonlinear delay differential equations with a slow integral term: fundamental issues & applications in photonic, link
Laurent Larger (Besancon)

Oscillation suppression in multi-delay systems [JAU16a]
Lina Jaurigue

Control of Oscillator Networks with Symbolic Regression, link
Markus Abel (Potsdam)

Chimera states in hierarchical networks [ULO16]
Jakub Sawicki

Quantum chimera states 
[BAS15, BAS16]
Eckehard Schöll

Chimeras in neural networks: the role of excitable units [ISE15b]
Moritz Drangmeister

Dynamics Days Corfu: no seminar

Cluster synchronization and chimeras states in laser networks [DAH11b, DAH12, BOE15]
Halgurd Taher

Chimeras in neural networks with community structure [HIZ16]
Philipp Loske

Coherence-resonance chimeras in a neural network [SEM16]
Alexander zur

Tweezers for chimeras in small networks [OME16]
Sebastian Lange

Chimera state collapses and epileptic seizures [AND16]
Teresa Chouzouris

Controlling chimera states [BIC15, SIE14c]
Alexander Schmidt
Talks marked by * are suitable for students who want to obtain a “Seminarschein”.
If you are interested in a particular topic, please contact one of the advisors. Final assignment of the topics will be done on April 19, 2016.
The presentations are available online at "Seminardokumentationen". Login and password will be announced in the seminar and can be inquired at .



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