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Prof. Dr. E. Schöll, PhD
Arbeitsgruppe Nichtlineare Dynamik in Halbleitern
Prof. Dr. H. Engel
Arbeitsgruppe Nichtlineare Dynamik und Strukturbildung
Prof. Dr. A. S. Mikhailov
Fritz-Haber-Institut Berlin

Self-Organization in Complex Nonlinear Systems

Summer Semester 2009
Location: EW 731 (PN 731)
Time: Thursday 16:00

Dr. Andreas Amann (Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland)
"Complex Networks on the Basis of Semiconductor Lasers"
Sfb 555 Symposium
"Complex Networks"
Location: Fritz-Haber Institut
Faradayweg 10
Time: 16:00

Chol-Ung Choe (TU Berlin):
"Cluster and splay states in networks of delay-coupled Stuart-Landau oscillators"
Przemyslaw Perlikowski (HU Berlin):
"Synchronization effects in a ring of unidirectionally coupled Duffing oscillators"
Holger Flechsig (FHI Berlin):
"Elastic network modeling of protein machines"
Dr. V. Z. Tronciu (WIAS Berlin)
"Chaos based communication using multi-section semiconductor laser"
Dr. Michael Block (Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Leverkusen)
"Physiologically based modeling and simulation in pharmaceutical industry from the whole body down to cellular level"
Prof. Dr. Ido Kanter (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)
"Chaotic lasers: Synchronization, communication and ulta-fast random number generators"
Prof. Dr. Andreas Wacker (University of Lund, Sweden)

"Coherences in Transport through Confined Systems"

see also: Forschungsseminar "Mathematische Modelle der Photonik"


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