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The detailed program of the event can be downloaded here.

Monday, September 14, 2015

8:30 am
Bus transfer
Berlin (Hardenbergplatz) to Lutherstadt Wittenberg
11:30 am
Welcome address

Ken Showalter (invited speaker)
Synchronization in networks of coupled chemical oscillato
12:35 pm
Lunch break
2:00 pm
Iryna Omelchenko
The facets of chimera states

Andrei Slepnev
Chimeras, traveling waves, and antiphase synchronization areas in a ring of non-locally coupled Anishchenko - Astakhov self-sustained oscillators

Sascha Gerloff
Local transport via density excitations in confined colloidal mixtures under shear flow
3:00 pm
Coffee break
3:30 pm
Peter Kalle
Controlling the dynamics of complex fluids by time-delayed feedback

Steffen Martens
Position control of traveling dissipative solitons

Thomas Niedermayer
Optimal defibrillation - an example for control of excitation waves
in a multiscale system
4:30 pm
Coffee break
4:50 pm
Poster session
7:00 pm
8:30 pm
Conference concert

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

8:00 am
Breakfast (Leucorea / Hotel respectively)
9:00 am
Jan Danckaert (invited speaker)
Implementations and simulations of reservoir computing based
on delayed feedback systems
9:45 am
Coffee break
10:15 am
André Röhm
Semiconductor laser networks and reservoir computing

Julia Kabuß
Coherent quantum control beyond the single excitation limit

Georg Engelhardt
Topological Bogoliubov excitations in inversion-symmetric systems
of interacting bosons
11:15 am
Coffee break
11:45 am
Sina Reichelt
Homogenization of Cahn–Hilliard equations

Isabelle Schneider
Applying equivariant Pyragas control to our SFB logo
12:25 pm
Lunch break
2:00 pm
Laurent Larger (invited speaker)
Virtual space-time delay dynamics and their chimera states

Dmitry Puzyrev
Multistability and bifurcations of laser cavity solitons induced by delayed feedback
3:05 pm
Coffee break
3:30 pm
Meeting of the principal investigators
4:00 pm
7:00 pm
Dinner (Haus des Handwerks)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

8:00 am
Breakfast (Leucorea / Hotel respectively)
9:00 am
Yuliya Kyrychko (invited speaker)
Dynamics of neural networks with discrete and distributed time delays
9:45 am
Coffee break
10:15 am
Andreas Koher
Temporal networks and applications to epidemiology

Josef Ladenbauer
Low-dimensional spike rate dynamics of coupled adaptive model neurons
10:55 am
Coffee break
11:25 am
Robert Lasarzik
Continuum theories for smectic-A liquid crystals

Volker Mehrmann
Optimal control of delay differential-algebraic equations

Mark Curran
Reaction-diffusion equations with hysteresis in higher spatial dimensions
12:25 pm
Lunch break
2:00 pm
Martin Brokate (invited speaker)
Optimal control in evolutions with hysteresis
2:45 pm
Closing remarks
3:30 pm
Departure by bus



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