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Nonlinear Dynamics of Two Mode Lasers

Dr. Andreas Amann:


While the dynamical features of single mode lasers have been extensively studied in the past, a coherent picture of the capabilities of two mode lasers is only beginning to emerge.

One seemingly trivial but important property of two mode lasers is the coupling of both lasing modes to the same carrier density within the lasing cavity. This induces a dynamical coupling across different optical wavelengths and enables sophisticated all-optical functionality, qualitatively beyond the possibilities of single mode lasers.

In particular, we demonstrate that the simultaneous optical injection in both lasing modes induces a bistability between locked states, which allows for the design of an all-optical memory element based on two mode lasers.

Even more interesting are the options offered by coupling a large number of two mode lasers. We show that a highly complex network topology can be obtained even if all lasers are trivially coupled. In this approach the non-trivial part of the network topology is contained in the lasing mode spectrum of the lasers itself, which can be manipulated individually for each laser. This overcomes the difficulty encountered in the traditional realization of complex network topologies using optical fibre coupling.



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