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Analysis of control mechanisms in the brain preventing the emergence of spreading depression

A.Y. Kuznetsova:


We study spreading depression (SD) related to migraine, stroke, and different brain injury in 2D reaction-diffusion system (FitzHugh-Nagumo model) and in a biophysical SD model. Simulated SD waves similar to those emerging in migraine and stroke can be suppressed by external feedback control applied to the reaction-diffusion system. We are considering the following feedback types: nonlocal distributed 1D and 2D feedback, distributed delays, and global feedback with delay. In a biophysical SD model we are comparing possible contribution of different ionic currents to SD-like depolarization. Combination of results of SD modulation at macroscopic and cellular levels may suggest novel treatment for these pathological brain activities.

Supported by SFB 910, B7.

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