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Collaborative Research Center 910Statistics of Poincare recurrences in local and global approaches

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Statistics of Poincare recurrences in local and global approaches


The basic statistical characteristics of the Poincare recurrence sequence are obtained numerically for the logistic map in the chaotic regime. The mean values, variance and recurrence distribution density are calculated and their dependence on the return region size is analyzed. It is verified that the Afraimovich-Pesin dimension may be evaluated by the Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy. The peculiarities of the influence of noise on the recurrence statistics are studied in local and global approaches. It is shown that the obtained numerical data are in complete agreement with the theoretical results. It is demonstrated that the Poincare recurrence theory can be applied to diagnose effects of stochastic resonance and chaos synchronization and to calculate the fractal dimension of a chaotic attractor.


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