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Topics und methods of the statistical mechanics of soft matter and biological systems

Lupe [1]
Lupe [2]


In the seminar we present the variety of topics and methods, which we work on and use in our working group.

The topics range from active motion and microswimmers, also in connection with reinforcement learning, the stohastic analysis in biology, to the hydrodynamics of Newtonian and complex fluids with applications to inertial microfluidics as well as viscoelastic fluids and their elastic turbulence.


In the talks the basics of the topcis and methods are worked out and illustrated using examples from current research. The talks can be combined with work on a well-defined project.



Prof. Dr. Holger Stark [3]

Felix Rühle [4]

Wednesdays at 14.15

The seminar takes place in a live session online. The introduction is in on 22.04.2020 at 14.15.

The login details to the zoom session can be found on the ISIS course page [5].

To obtain credit points, the participation has to be registered in the SAP system.

Seminar dates:

Holger Stark
Langevin dynamics: Stochastic motion of active particles
Milos Knezevic
Stochastische Bewegung: Trajektorien von Bakterien
Vincent Stegmaier
Dynamics and stability of 1D patterns in active polar fluids
Josep-Maria Armengol Collado
Wie aktive Teilchen lernen: Bestärkendes Lernen am Beispiel
Patiparn Naruchit
Aktive Turbulenz in bakteriellen Lösungen
Chiara Mielau
Topological defects in active matter
Osamah Sufyan
Active Matter with Programmable Interactions
Clemes Bechinger (Universität Konstanz)
SFB910 Symposium [6]: Optimization in active matter
Benno Liebchen (TU Darmstadt)
Holger Stark, Mohsen Khadem
Hydrodynamics of mikroswimmers
Mohammad Radi

To obtain seminar points, a talk has to be presented and the presentation has to be provided by a pdf file.



Possible topics for seminar talks:

    • Langevin dynamics: Stochastic motion of active particles
    • How active particles learn: Ân example for reinforcement learning
    • Stochastic Motion: Trajectories of bacteria
    • Active turbulence in bacterial solutions
    • Hydrodynamics of microswimmers
    • Multi-Particle collision dynamics: Simulations of flow fields
    • Lattice-Boltzmann simulations: Inertial mikrofluidics
    • Lattice-Boltzmann simulations: Soft particles in inertial microfluidics
    • Viscoelasticity of complex fluids and elastic turbulence


    Own suggestions for talks are welcome!



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